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I am a Graduate School Fellow and National Geographic  Explorer at the University of Florida pursuing a joint PhD in Medical Geography with a Master of Health Science (MHS) in Environmental and Global Health: One Health. I am also completing a Graduate Certificate in Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD). I am interested in pursuing employment at the federal level or with a Non-Governmental Organization, particularly in global health and development with an emphasis on the human and environmental dimensions of infectious disease, human health, and human rights. My goal is to undertake applied, policy-relevant research with a strong emphasis on developing as a research-practitioner to facilitate positive public health and conservation interventions and effective community engagement.





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I seek to become a research-practitioner, conducting policy relevant research and implementing evidence-based interventions and significant community outreach in an informed and structured manner to influence positive health and conservation outcomes.


My research focuses on using participatory research methodologies to study barriers of access to healthcare and cultural perceptions of health in Sub-Saharan Africa. I am also interested in conservation and development issues within Uganda and the Albertine Rift biodiversity hotspot.





Associate Professor, University of Colorado

Dr. Hartter is a human-environment geographer who focuses on the human dimensions of natural resource management, demography, food security, conservation, global environmental change, and sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa and the eastern United States.

Professor, University of Florida

Dr. Glass studies the bases of infectious disease systems: the agents, hosts, and environmental sources. He is especially interested in characterizing how changes in environmental conditions over space and time alter patters of disease that we see.

Research Faculty, University of Oregon

Dr. Salerno is an ecologist who is interested in how and why rural people make livelihood decisions. His work is mainly focused in the tropics and draws from an interdisciplinary background in the quantitative social and natural sciences.

Clinical Professor and Associate Dean, University of Florida

Dr. Blue is a clinical professor in the Department of Behavior Science and Community Health and the associate dean for educational affairs at the University of Florida College of Public health and Health Professions. She is particularly interested medical and inter-professional education, along with assessment and evaluation practices.

Vincent manages the Cheetah Metapopulation Project in Southern Africa for the Endangered Wildlife Trust. He is based in South Africa and actively works to relocate Cheetah between 55 metapopulation reserves to promote and retain genetic integrity and facilitate reintroduction into reserves.

Cheetah Metapopulation Coord., Endangered Wildlife Trust

Dr. McKune is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental and Global Health and Center for African Studies at the University of Florida. She is also core faculty for the UF Master of Sustainable Development Practice degree. Dr. McKune is primarily interested in Global health, nutrition, food security, gender, pastoralism, livelihoods, social and ecological resilience, climate change, health outcomes associated with climate change, maternal and child health, and health in the African Sahel.

Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Associate Professor, Georgia State University

Dr. Diem is a climatologist who focuses on rain fall and precipitation variability in the United States and East Africa, along with Urban effects of rainfall and temperature and pollution.

Dr. Palace is an environmental scientist who focuses on vegetation dynamics, landscape ecology, remote sensing, and geospatial science.

Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire



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